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The Shades of Life That Revealed the She In Me


by Dr. Dionne Gibbs,


What would you do if your 15-year-old daughter married a man who was ten years older than her? What would do if you were making six-figures and you were still broke? What would you do if you learned you had breast cancer on Wednesday and the following Tuesday learned that your mother was dying of lung cancer? As unimaginable as these scenarios may seem, these are only a part of three of the twelve journeys in The Shades of Life That Revealed The She in Me. This book is a collection of stories from real women who have overcome great odds to achieve financial, psychological, emotional, and spiritual success in their lives. Discovering one's self is a journey, not a destination, and these women are all blazing trails through life and uncovering the SHE within! Women frequently feel as if the achievement of personal and financial success should bring us to a place of self-satisfaction and personal gratification. However, for the lucky ones, the challenges that they face, end up revealing more about them as people than many have stopped to realize. This book is designed to introduce women to the SHE that exists within them! That inner voice that has always been there guiding you through your trials and tribulations and leading you to your continued growth and development, no matter what you chose to do in your life. This book is for EVERY woman: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins, Friends, Entrepreneurs, Service members, Clergy, Homemakers, Professionals, Brides, Bridesmaids, Single, Married, Divorced, and those who are still figuring out where they fit into the world.

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