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Meet Dr. Dionne Gibbs

" I learned a long time ago that goals are a necessary part of my path to success. Everyday I complete a task that takes me closer to achieving my goals and revealing the next steps."


- Dr. Gibbs 


Dr. Dionne Gibbs, RN, BS, MSN, Ph.D. (affectionately known as Dr. D) is the owner and operator of Shades of Life, LLC where she offers life coaching and consulting to women. Dr. Gibbs is the founder of the Hampton Roads Health Symposium, Shades of Life Medical Training Institute, and the author of The Shades of Life that Revealed the She in Me. She is a Life Coach with almost 30 years of experience in the healthcare field working as a nurse: educating, coaching, supporting, and developing individuals into the leaders of tomorrow. She is a skilled practitioner in the cutting-edge field of adult education, career development, curriculum design, and teaching a diverse group of learners. Her background includes working in higher education leadership as a dean of nursing and a regional dean of nursing along with expertise in strategic planning, change and conflict management, effective communication, and talent development. Today, Dr. Gibbs has a global and professional pursuit of educating, elevating, and empowering her clients of all ages to help them reach their highest potential in their personal and professional life. 

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